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How It Works

Below you will find:

  • Book an appointment
  • Book a garment
  • Last minute hires
  • Receiving the garment
  • Returning the garment
  • Shipping methods

Book an appointment:

All bookings can be made through our Book An Appointment page. 
For parking and other info please see our FAQs.

Book a garment:

Our policy is first-in best-dressed, we do not book garments without payment of the hire fee which is made in-store or online.

We encourage clients from Adelaide to check out our collection to get the feel and look of our garments on your figure. We offer styling advice and a friendly, comfortable atmosphere during your private consultation.

Garment measurements and model sizes are included on product pages for your convenience. Please contact us if you need further assistance or style tips.

Select the size and/or colour of your garment, select the Rental Period Duration (4 or 8 Day Rental) and your hire dates. 

4 Day Rental is ideal for anyone hiring over the weekend or weeknight. 
8 Day Rental is ideal for those taking their garment interstate for longer than 4 days or overseas. If you need your garment for a longer period of time, please contact us.

      If your event is on* Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday:

      • 'From' date must be 1 or 2 days before your event

      • 'To' date must be the day following your event

      If your event is on* Friday, Saturday or Sunday:

      • 'From' date must be Thursday

      • 'To' date must be Sunday^

      • Express post shipping method: you must lodge your return over the counter at Australia Post by 4pm on Monday

      • Pick-up/drop off method: you will be contacted via SMS or email to arrange drop off for Sunday or Monday.

      *This is based off a typical 4 Day Rental.

      ^We understand you cannot choose Monday on the calendar without being charged as an 8 Day Rental, however we allow for drop-off or return shipping to be actioned on a Monday.

      Last minute hires:

      Orders are received until Wednesday 11:59pm for that coming weekend due to shipping arrangements and restrictions.

      If you place an order for a garment after this time your order will be cancelled as we cannot fulfil the order in time for you to receive it by that weekend.

      Pick-up in store:
      You have the freedom to place an order for a garment until the day before your event to allow for pick-up arrangements. You will be contacted via SMS or email by management to discuss pick-up.

      We do not recommend you wait until the day before an event to book, however we understand emergency hires. For on the day hires, please contact us.

      Receiving the garment: 

      Dry-cleaning is included in every hire fee – all you need to do is wear your garment, have a great time and return it to 808 Threads when you're done!

      The bond is payable on pick-up of the garment and the bond amount is subject to the RRP of the garment, prices vary.

      Pick-up will be arranged via SMS — weekend hires will be picked up on Thursday evening and mid-week hires will be picked up 1-2 days before your event. If you require your dress to be shipped please advise staff during your booking.

      Picking-up in-store: you will receive an SMS to arrange pick-up as explained above.

      There is no shipping fee for picking up and returning in-store however a refundable bond will be due at checkout. See Shipping Methods below for more info.

      For shipped garments, you will receive the garment on your chosen date and the tracking number is sent via email once it’s been lodged.

      If you choose pick-up/drop-off to avoid paying shipping but need the garment shipped, your garment hire will be cancelled, and we will refund the bond only. See our T&Cs for our refund policies.

      Returning the garment: 

      Bonds are refunded once the garment is returned to 808 Threads in acceptable condition. See our T&Cs for bond policies.

      Returns are to be arranged for the next business day following your hire or Sunday/Monday following a weekend hire. You will receive an SMS or email from management to confirm your garment return time and day.

      Return with the original hanger and garment bag that was given to you upon pick-up. If you return the garment without the correct hanger or garment bag a $5 fee will be deducted from your bond per missing item. Late fees apply to those who do not respond to messages/miss their drop-off time and fees will be removed from the bond per day late.

      Returning in-store: you will receive an SMS to arrange drop-off as explained above.

      Returns via Express shipping must be placed in the pre-paid pre-filled bag you received at time of delivery and must be lodged over the counter at Australia Post by 4pm the business day following your hire. Late fees apply if lodged after 4pm and every day thereafter.

      Shipping Methods (online order):

      We offer Express postage of our garments Australia-wide. Interstate hires are shipped via Express postage only. South Australian residents have the option to have the garment shipped or to pick-up/drop-off from 808 Threads.

      Express Return Shipping:

      • Garment/s will arrive at your postal address provided on the date you selected as 'From'
      • See 'Returning the garment' for returns
      • Flat rate of $30 includes Express post to and from your specified address
      • Bond is paid as part of the shipping method and will be refunded once the garment is returned to 808 Threads in acceptable condition. See T&Cs 

      Pick-up & Drop off at 808 Threads - SA only:

      • Garment pick-up will be arranged with management via SMS
      • See 'Receiving the garment' and 'Returning the garment'
      • Bond is paid as part of the shipping method and will be refunded once the garment is returned to 808 Threads.

      General Policies: please refer to our Terms & Conditions page for all policies.