COVID-19 Update: 808 Threads is closed until further notice

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Appointment slots are for try-on bookings only.

Please read How It Works before booking an appointment in-store or hiring online.

If you're in Adelaide and you'd like to try-on any of our garments before you hire, you can book your one-on-one consultation using our system above.

You do not need to book an appointment if you are picking up or returning a garment to the 808 Threads store, these times will be arranged with management.

All appointments are held from 808 Threads located in Stepney 5069. Full address disclosed upon booking. Appointments are usually booked back-to-back due to our limited trading hours, please be on time.

Why should I book an appointment? 

  • You have a private, spacious room of our garments to yourself with a large mirror and shoes for trying on
  • You have the undivided attention of our staff ready to help style you
  • You're welcome to bring a friend or family member to help you make decisions - please note our space can fit 1-2 guests only
  • If they wish to try-on too, you can book the following appointment slot so you can make decisions together!

Why is there a booking fee?

A $10.00 booking fee is required upon booking your appointment, this is only to ensure the client attends the appointment they have chosen.

This payment will be refunded once you attend the appointment as it is either taken off the hire fee OR refunded to you in the instance of no-hire or cancelling your appointment on time. 

By cancelling after the 24 hour timeframe you understand the booking fee will not be refunded. 

How will I know when the cancellation cut-off is?

You will be sent a reminder 30 hours before your appointment, if you do not cancel/change your appointment slot via your confirmation email within 6 hours we will take it that you are attending.

If you wish to cancel your appointment after the 24hr warning please do so by filling out our contact form or message our Facebook Page - we promise we won't be upset if given a heads up, we just don't like to wait around if you're not going to show up! 

We cannot guarantee that if you cancel your appointment you will be able to book in another time for your preferred slot. We advise you make your appointment decision carefully.

808 Threads cannot guarantee that all garments will be available on any given day to try on. Bond fees and hire fees are subject to change without notice.