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How To Dress For Your Body Shape

Here at 808, we're all for women wearing whatever they want, when they want. Fashion is a form of expressing yourself and wearing an outfit that makes you feel good is always the number one priority!

Over time, our body shape can change — some of us go from being straight up and down to child-bearing hips, some of us go from hourglass to pear shape — this is a totally normal occurrence and we're here to tell you you're not alone!

Naturally, things like having kids, lifestyle changes and surgeries can alter the way we look and the way our body looks in clothes. Knowing how to dress for your shape is important; you can find what styles of clothes fit you best, eliminate the need to try on hundreds of 'maybe-this-will-suit-me's, and make the nightmare of shopping that little bit easier (and dare I say, fun)!

Though it can be daunting for some, we encourage you to grab a tape measure and see your measurements — this is the easiest way you can categorise yourself into a 1 of the 4 general body shapes. If you prefer not to measure, have a look in the mirror and match yourself as best you can!

Hour Glass Figure

Both Bust and Hip measurements are wider than your Waist.

Your gorgeous hourglass shape is perfect for showing off your curves while letting the world know your waist is there.

We recommend steering toward wrap dresses, waist-cinching jackets, crop tops, pencil skirts, high-waisted pants and anything with a belt!

With a body shape similar to the likes of Sophia Loren, Marylin Monroe, Dita Von Teese, and Sofia Vergara, all you need to do is grab your girls for a night out and frock up with a figure-hugging dress — like our gorgeous Fanciful Dress or Lily Pink Dress, Magdalina Dress, Carina Gown, or Blushing Wrap Dress.

Fanciful Dress

Pear Figure

Your Hip measurement is wider than your Bust and Waist.

Being a pear shape is one of the most common body types we see come through our doors — the goal is usually to accentuate the top-half of your body while elongating your bottom half, providing a perfect balance.

We recommend trying garments like fit-and-flare dresses, print or structured jackets, A-line skirts and dresses, and flowy pants with a high waist.

With a similar body shape to Alicia Keys, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, and Rihanna, your curves are beautiful no matter what! Pear shapes best suit our Navy Wrap DressMatrix Jumpsuit, Petra Jumpsuit or Ellette Red Lace Dress.

Matrix Jumpsuit 

Apple Figure

Also known as 'top heavy'. Your Bust and Waist are generally wider than your Hips and lower body.

Apple shapes can be different on many women, but the goal is to highlight your defined shoulders and sexy legs that'll give you the confidence to strut your stuff!

We recommend finding flowy tops, off-shoulder cocktail dresses, shift dresses, and straight leg pants!

With a body shape similar to the likes of Angelina Jolie, Oprah Winfrey, Catherine Zeta Jones, and Elizabeth Hurley, it's time to get those sexy legs out for a night on the town! Our Camilla Playsuit, Lace Green Midi or Misty Floral Jumpsuit will be perfect for any night where champagne is a must.

Camilla Playsuit


Banana Figure

Your Bust, Waist and Hip measurements are similar, also known as 'rectangle' or 'straight' shape.

A banana body shape may sound easy but can be difficult when looking for the traditional curvy/plus size outfit. The goal here is to find garments that highlight or 'create' a waist, giving you a fuller bust/hip ratio.

We recommend looking for tops with a ruffle on the bust/shoulders, dresses with a puffy sleeve, dresses with gathered material, and tapered pants.

With a body shape similar to Cameron Diaz, Kate Hudson, Gina Rodriguez and Natalie Portman, give your outfit a little 'umph' and be creative! Try our Desert Floral Jumpsuit, Stole The Show Mini, or Ruffle Charm Dress that's a perfect match for a cocktail evening.

Stole The Show Mini

Whatever your body shape may be, you should choose what makes you feel the most confident and the most radiant. Whether it's trying a new colour, a different dress style or giving some love to your curves, do what makes you feel fabulous!

We hope this article helped you in some way! Do you have advice on what works or doesn't work for your body shape? Leave your tips in the comments below!

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