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Quit The Comparisons: Advice From Curvy Influencers

We all know it can be hard to separate what we see on social media to what's real. It's no secret that most of us put forward our perfectly curated, well-lit, tediously edited version of ourselves on platforms like Instagram. We've all done it, and the result has us instantly comparing our lives (and likes) to others.
Sometimes it's hard to deal with the comparisons as we desire another person's lifestyle, body, or confidence — we spoke to our curvy influencers about how they deal with the pressures of Instagram and their advice for overcoming comparisons.

Amelia — @curvyamelia

Curvy Amelia
“I often find myself going down the rabbit hole of comparing myself to others on Instagram when I’m feeling insecure or a bit dissatisfied. Instead of beating myself up I try and ask myself why I’m feeling that way and what I can do to change it. This seems to work on a deeper level than just banning myself from watching other people’s accounts.

I follow people who I look up to and admire — for their unique strengths and differences. If you follow and watch people for a reason other than just for vanity or for their celebrity status, you’ll find it’s easier to gain knowledge and happiness rather than being stuck comparing yourself.”

Sam — @curvysam

Curvy Sam
"If it doesn't bring you joy then don't have it in your visual space; especially avoid profiles that trigger thoughts of comparison, you have nothing to gain in doing so besides feelings of anxiety. One of my favourite quotes is 'Everything in life is easier when you don't concern yourself with what everybody else is doing'.

Fill your socials with educational, inspiring posts that make you feel connected and uplifted. There is no need to ever be comparing yourself to others on social media. When you feel those negative vibes sneaking up on you, remember this: you’re doing great, stay patient and trust the journey!"

Natali — @plus_natali

Plus Natali
"Quitting comparisons is an ongoing process like self love and body positivity in my everyday life; we have to work on it and continue to remind ourselves and it’s not something we can perfect in an instant. I remind myself DAILY to love my body, live in the moment and not get caught up in the highlight reels of Instagram. I don’t beat myself up on the days where I fail at this and catch myself comparing or wishing. It’s a process and we’re all in this together."

Bethany — @goingpearshaped

Going Pear Shaped
"It can be really hard to feel confident in your own skin when all you see on social media is people who look nothing like you. I was afraid when I first started my Instagram that if I told people I know in real life about it that they might laugh at me, and say things like “you do know you’re too big to have a fashion Instagram, right?”. But nobody ever said that.
The little voice in our head is our biggest critic, and once we learn to ignore it, and do what we want without worrying about what it says, that’s when we can truly start living and loving ourselves for who we are."

Lauren — @adelady

Hayley and Lauren from Adelady
"I try to live in the moment as much as possible, especially when I'm traveling and getting in front of the camera. Every day isn't perfect, but I find the perfect moments in every day! When we constantly see smaller women easily find clothes online it can be hard to not compare yourself to them, but that's why I love 808 so much because you can feel your best in something new... plus buying all the time can get expensive!"
We're always surprised at the number of women that come into our store not knowing how to dress for their body shape, so we wrote a blog to help you figure out what's best for your assets! Check out the blog here and if you have any suggestions for future blog posts please leave a comment below :)
Images courtesy of respective Instagram accounts.

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